Jun Wang (Non Executive Director)

Mr. Wang Jun’s professional background experienced from the government’s projects investment and the finance investment to the business management in the multinational enterprises, and after that be engaged in the venture capital and international investment. 

When he worked in Beijing Comprehensive Investment Corporation of China, managing the investment projects of government, the loan and financing were his main tasks. After that, he worked in BAT, ERICSSON,EPSON and Canon as the manager ,director and the master of the marketing, sales and products management.

From the year of 2006, he began the business of venture capital as the researcher of the venture capital center of Renmin University of China, and the vice executive secretary of World Business Angel Association (WBAA). As the general manager of Beijing Pangea Investment Corporation and the general partner of Guangdong Baosheng Investment Corporation, he was in charge of many PE investment projects in China. 

In 2016, Mr. Wang become the Chief Representative of ASEAN business of RUIDE Investment Group which is the government consultant of ‘Belt & Road” projects. He participate in the many international investment project negotiation and cooperation concerning the energy development, infrastructure investment, technology cooperation, global security and the projects of Block Chain and AIT.

He studied in Wollongong University of Australia many years ago and get the degree of Master of International Business. During that time, he took part in some research and business about venture capital as the member of AVCAL.